Kirvy is a freelance graphic designer specializing in poster/key art design in the film industry. He's been extraordinarily grateful and enthusiastic about each work he's been given because his love for the arts, design, and films is unmatched. As a kid, Kirvy was just as intrigued by arts and design as he was by moviesjust as much so, in fact. He was never one to shy away from a good film, and he believes it's an art form that should be well designed and its poster is an integral part of it. He feels that it's the first thing anyone will see, and his work can be an essential reflection of who he is and what he stands for. With this in mind, Kirvy will never underestimate the power of a great poster.
He began his career by promoting his favorite movies and television shows through creating posters, which he shared and sold online, selling over 600 prints worldwide. After gaining recognition on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, what began as a hobby in his spare time has turned into a full-time career. In addition to his design and creative services, Kirvy also writes film reviews and publishes them on Medium. His thoughts are often focused on films that struck a chord with him personally or ones that he found particularly impressive. He has a deep passion for great cinema and strives to spread that love to those who seek an alternative perspective and view of the world.
Kirvy has been working with rising filmmakers around the world, creating stunning posters and key arts for their releases. He intends to continue learning and growing in this field, and believes that his journey is one of the most rewarding, creative, and personally significant experiences that he could ever say he was lucky enough to have. He is currently pursuing a degree in arts, which will help him continue and improve his work and take his passion even further in the coming years.
He is currently available for freelance work. Projects are carefully reviewed and accepted based on the scope, details, creative fit, and timeline due to other commitments and workloads.
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